Mature Skin, What’s Best?

I received a question this week asking about a suggested skin care routine for mature skin. Let’s say 65 and over for clarity. I know you can google “skin care routine” and come up with a few (million) results but let’s add 1 more to that list. How is this one different? We’re going with the basics and common sense here. Yes, you can spend thousands of dollars and countless hours per week in the chair of a professional but we’re shooting for the opposite. Basic, daily and quick maintenance of your skin. There are literally dozens of steps in the skin care process and routines that could take hours per day but we’re not going there. Not today at least. I’m going with four basic steps including, cleanse, moisturize, specific concerns and protection.

Step 1. Cleanse.

Always cleanse your skin with a gentle soap. Be careful in selecting a soap, as some may tend to dry out your skin.  Toning is optional in this step but if your skin care products do not seem to be having a significant effect then it could be that your skin is not prepared for accepting treatment. This is where toning comes in. Tone before applying moisturizers or peptide infused serums as it helps your skin open up to accepting hydration and helpers. Here are some choices for a cleanser and a toner.

Step 2. Moisturize.

Moisture is key to great looking skin. Mature skin does require different care than younger skin as the collagen levels and collagen production is less. So I recommend a good collagen booster and builder. A product with Retinol or Collaxyl or Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid or a Stem Cell product for this step in the process. A combination of the above listed key ingredients is great too. This can be a trial and error step too. If you find Retinol is not working well for you then try Collaxyl.  If you find your skin is still not getting the hydration it needs then you may want to investigate using exfoliation. I’m going to suggest a serum for this step as they absorb quickly into the skin and take you to the next step without delay.

Here are some serum choices for moisturizers that are focused on collagen rebuilding and targeted for mature skin. Bellahut has dozens of different serums to choose from so take a look and see which one fits your needs best. The choices below are are generic suggestions based on building collagen and helping to retain collagen in the skin.

Collaxyl and Argireline Serum, Phytocelltec (stem cell) & Dermaxyl Serum, SYN-AKE, Collaxyl & Argireline Serum, or Copper (GHK-Cu) & B5 Serum

Step 3. Specific Concerns.

Eyes, lips, neck area, etc…  This is where you apply any eye creams, lip creams, creams or serums on your neck and upper chest area, etc. This is completely dependent upon what special concerns you want to address.

Step 4. Cover and Protection.

A quality cream to cover and help protect your skin from the elements, daily air pollution, sun, etc. If you find that cream is too heavy for daytime use then only apply it at night and use a UV protectant for the daytime. Our dual lifting cream is very popular for nighttime use while our stem cell collagen cream is popular for daytime use. 

and that’s all. We want your skin care routine to last about as long as it takes to read this article. Just remember, the best skin care routine is the one that works best for you and I have found over the years that routines that are quick, to the point and easily repeatable are the routines that people are more consistent about performing. If your routine is difficult and takes a long time you are more likely to find reasons not to perform it. One last tip and we’ll say goodbye for today. Organization is key too. If you have a space you can dedicate to the daily routine it will help. Place your products in the order in which you apply them ( I like left to right but whatever works for you) and make sure you put it back in the same place once you use it. You’ll find that your routine will become habit and habits are hard to break. Right? Haha. Have a great day and thanks for being part of the Bellahut team!

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